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preconnect, prefetch, preload, pre-what? - An introduction to Resource Hints (November 2017)

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Every millisecond counts when loading websites. Unfortunately, networks are slow, and while browsers got better at finding critical resources, they still need our help.

In this talk, you will learn about “Resource Hints” and how you can use them to make your website load even faster.

Topics that are covered:

How browsers download resources and why bandwidth often isn’t the bottleneck and cause for slow websites.

How to speed up page loads by hinting at critical resources that are dynamically loaded, such as web fonts or background images referenced in CSS.

How to improve the speed of subsequent request by prefetching resources that are going to be needed later.

How to make sure your site still works in a world where prerendering of entire pages is a reality.


The folks at neuland were so kind to produce a sketch note of this talk given at JSUnconf 2018.

7+ web technologies you might not know yet (March 2017)

Slides on A brief rundown about potentially lesser known web technologies, including: - subresource integrity - HTTP status code 103 (Early Hints) - window.opener - cache-control: immutable - addEventListener’s third parameter.

Road to CloudPrint (July 2012, German)

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